June Nakamoto, Fashion Stylist Interview

Fewer industries offer a broader arrange of career opportunities than fashion. In our ongoing series, The Impression highlights some of the industry’s most talented people and interesting jobs.

How did you get your start in styling?
My school teacher at Studio Berçot asked me if I would like to assist a French stylist. After 2 years of assisting, I thought it was a  good job for me since you don’t have to sit at an office!

What stylist/photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?
I don’t know if they influence me, but I like the work of Mario Sorrenti; Loui Sanchez (his work at The Face magazine) in fashion photography, Marie Amelie Sauvé, Jane How as stylist. My visual aesthetic comes a lot from cinema, I used to go the cinema and see at least 4-5 movies per week…unfortunately not anymore now…

What makes for a great styled story?
When the reader wants to copy the outfits.

What are the biggest challenges facing you now?
To find the sense of being a stylist in the Instagram era where everybody is a stylist.

What’s the most important thing you want potential clients to know about you?
Nothing is impossible! Well my flexibility and quickness.

What sort of impact do you think digital has on styling?
The story has to be easy to read and distinct to a wide type of person.

What do you think of fashion styling today and where it is going?
It is scary to think about this.

Favorite Film
All Ingmar Bergman, Jean-luc Godart, and Pier PaoloPassolini and a lot more (I’m a big cinephile)

What are three of your favorite online destinations?
….humm  www.allocine.fr (program for cinema), Google maps, and a website to buy airline tickets for my holiday, or sometimes just for a dream voyage.

What type of impression do you want to make?
It would be fun to know what different impressions people have of me, there isn’t a specific type of impression I would like to make, I’m curious to know what impression I make on others.

June Nakamoto is a Fashion Stylist on the The Impression Biannual Vol. 2