Secret Agent Kloss, at your service via DVP and Laird+Partners

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

This sure is Karlie’s year! It has been announced that Kloss will now be the face of Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. It’s no mystery that this girl is on a roll (and only at the crisp age of 22), though her new DVF persona says differently.

The ad campaign shot by Peter Lindbergh and created by Trey Laird and Hans Dorsinville of Laird+Partners, flaunts Kloss and her Diane Von Furstenberg it-bags traipsing through the city in a very curious manner – secret agent style. Kloss’ tranceful engagement with the camera surely reflects that of Diane Von Furstenberg herself, fellow power-woman and fashion icon.

It has also been noted that the print campaign will soon translate over into film, displaying the same mysterious feel…so stay tuned!

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Agency | Laird+Partners
Creative Directors | Trey Laird & Hans Dorsinville
Photographer | Peter Lindbergh
Model | Karlie Kloss