Karlie Kloss Launches Scholarship To Teach Young Women How To Code

Karlie Kloss has keen understanding of the international language of the future and it isn’t cookies, it’s code. Today the forward-thinking model announced on Instagram that she is partnering up with the Flatiron School to offer 20 young women #KodeWithKarlie Scholarships.

The scholarship will cover tuition for the Flatiron Pre-College Academy’s two-week ‘intro to software engineering’ summer course, which is the same one Kloss took herself a year ago.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion model or high school student, understanding code is so important because it’s the language that runs our world!

Karlie Kloss

Students will learn how to build an app and study a programming language named Ruby. Young women in high school ages 13 to 18 can apply by uploading a sixty second video explaining to Kloss why they want to learn to code. Ten scholarships are available for the school’s New York City location, while the other 10 are available in locations across the country.

“Code is only going to continue to play a major role in defining our future. I think it’s crucial that young women learn to code as early as possible to ensure that we, as young women, have a voice and a stake in what the world looks like,” says Kloss.

Clearly for Kloss, ‘looks’ aren’t the only thing that matter.