By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Kate Spade’s marketing strategy has taken a turn in the right direction this holiday season with a return to irreverence enlisting the feminine yet quirky Anna Kendrick as their company spokesperson.

In recent years the company’s marketing leadership has been projecting an awkward and at times desperate attempt to project itself as a lifestyle brand as exampled by offering up such self help videos as “Eating Flan for Breakfast” and “Adding the Sauce: How to make a Pizza.” Meanwhile it’s blog has gone on to develop city guides and decorating pumpkin tips. In an effort to drive the point home further, the firms print media placement has included lifestyle publications including Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure while showcasing creative entitled Italia, Havana, or Shanghai along with the hashtag “travelcolorfully.” However, all the while the creative has lost that certain special something looking more similar to the companies old parent, Liz Claiborne, than the founding DNA of Kate Spade.kate spade.001

Kate spade through the years.001

This season Kate Spade has gone celebrity, which is a great way of driving earned public relations exposure in the era of social, but can have it’s downside if the said celebrity isn’t aligned with the brands DNA. The Impressionist is happy to report that Kate Spade has nailed it in their choice of Anna Kendrick, as she delightful, intelligent, quirky, charming, and has added the right touch of irreverence.

As the face of holiday, Anna is featured in Kate Spade’s print spots laughing it up in Las Vegas with an updated version of male The Rat-Pack/Ocean’s 11 crew all donning tuxes. However, the holiday video spot entitled “The Waiting Game” is somehow out of synch with the print featuring the spokesperson on a New York City doorstep, making the best of being locked out of her building with her dog, champagne, and collection of Kate Spade giftables.

Of the two we prefer the latter and hope that Kate Spade recognizes that for spring 2015 they don’t creatively need a destination as much as irreverent imagination. Until then, we too will play the waiting game.

Kate holiday.001

Agency | kids
Creative Direction | Pascal Dangin, Kristen Maiman, Sophie Edelstein
Director | Michael Mohan
Director of Photography | Sam Levy
Casting Director | Jen Vendetti
Cast | Anna Kendrick, Iris Apfel, Alireza Niroomand, Milos
Executive Producer | Gelya Robb
Producer | Brendan Kiernan
Line Producer | Erin Wile
Stylist | Brad Goreski
Art Direction | Janice Veksler, Leslie Okkerse
Set Designer | Marla Weinhoff
Editor | Nat Sanders, Cudjo Collins
Post Producer | Andrew Oppenheimer
Color & Finishing | Box Motion
Score | Future Perfect
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