Artist Kelly Reemtsen’s powerful take on cocktail is a campaign waiting to happen

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Fashion and art clearly hold hands but rarely as literally as in the artwork of Los Angeles-based painter Kelly Reemtsen.

With her recent work entitled Smashing, Reemtsen explores the paradoxical nature of being female in a “post-feminist” contemporary society. The series builds upon a motif of daintily dressed women wearing colorfully festive cocktail dresses while holding tools and equipment. The characters in her colorful paintings rarely reveal their faces and most are cropped out entirely leaving the viewer to picture them as today’s ‘everywoman.’

The juxtaposition of the powerful tools such as sledgehammers, axes, and chainsaws while in clothing fresh off the runway makes us question gender roles, uniforms, and what it will take to break the glass ceiling for good.


All of this leaves The Impression longing for an ad campaign done in collaboration with the artist with charitable legs going to the right causes at the right time. Perhaps some spring cleaning is in order and we know just the right person with the tools.

Kelly Reemtsen

DeBuck Gallery
545 West 23rd Street, NY , NY 10011
212 255 5735