Cole’s Courageous Class

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Here are the four C’s you need to know: Cole creates courageous class. It’s no secret that Kenneth Cole has always contributed to the well-being of society, with him being longtime amfAR chairman, building his own health center in Haiti, and never failing to raise awareness for causes that touch his heart. What is he up to this time? Well, because of his big heart and the fact that the motto for his New York brand is “Look Good, For Good”, he is debuting his latest “Courageous Class” ad campaign for the fall season, which celebrates real-life heroes.

Showcased for “Courageous Class” is a group of individuals who have surmounted many obstacles in their lives in order to make their dreams a reality. These real-life heroes include Jamie Clarke, Topaz Page-Green, Andreja Pejic, Jon Rose, and Rhymefest.

Jamie Clarke, pro soccer player who was born deaf, Topaz Page-Green, former model-turned-activist who’s organization The Lunchbox Fund, provides 11,000 underprivileged South African students with lunch every day, Pejic, a transwoman model, Jon Rose, a former pro surfer, who founded Waves For Water, providing clean water to millions around the world, and Rhymefest, who had a documentary shown at the TriBeCa film festival called “In My Father’s House”, and also recently partnered with Cole to teach creative writing and civic engagement to young kids in Chicago’s South Side.

Cole, recently launching his site, features clips that further explain why each of these individuals were chosen to be in “The Courageous Class.” The ad campaign presents you with an “Urban Uniform” for the upcoming fall season, meant to give people a sense of security in the face of the unknown. Included are belted cover-ups, modern sleek jackets, and stylish boots for the ones who do good, to make them look good and feel good, for good.

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