New technologies and mediums always produce new innovations and partnerships. So it should come as no surprise that tomorrows leading design talents would find unique ways to break through the clutter to market. And that is exactly the case in the dynamic pairing of designers MICHAEL MILLER and KATIE deGUZMAN of jewelry brand K/LLER who along with fashion designer TITANIA INGLIS have joined forces to create a short fantasy film entitled “SEIÐR” to entertain and market.

The film directed by Jeff Elstone and lensed by Jack Shanahan follows an encounter between a mysterious thief and the reclusive lady of a secluded mansion. Titania Inglis styles and K/LLER’s brass adornments are interwoven into the narrative which reads like a cross between fashion and fantasy. The teaming leverages the shared point of view of the designers as well as provides a selling and rallying tool. Screenings, public relations, as well as internet fodder are driven off the piece which allows for fans of the design houses to be entertained and share in their celebration.
THE IMPRESSION reached out to the trio to talk innovation, partnerships and why film.


Congratulations on what we see as a fashion first and coming together to pull it off. How did this union form?
Titania Inglis: We met last year through mutual friends, and it was kismet — we instantly bonded over our shared dark aesthetic and strong value system, and all three of us now wear one another’s work on a near-daily basis. We put on a couple of events together, lent one another pieces for lookbook shoots, and I started dreaming of the potential in an original collaboration.

Original indeed. And no light lift. Why film?
Titania Inglis: Film is a wonderful opportunity for smaller designers like us to envision a whole universe and invite the public in. At its best, it creates a bewitching narrative and a fully absorbing experience that lives on forever and reaches a broader community in a way that a live event simply can’t — and at the same time, it’s a more practical option in terms of budget and time commitment, vs. putting on a runway show or launching a flagship store.

Michael Miller | K/LLER: This was our first film that we had the pleasure to work on.  It gave us the outlet to extend our creativity and to use the jewelry as a narrative in another form. Large textured cuffs became hair ornaments. Pendants and quills became the base for the K/LLER nest. Statement necklaces morphed into crowns and spikes became weapons.

Some K/LLER statements. If you could share one statement to retailers interested in you, what would it be?
Titania Inglis: We have sleek, comfortable bias slip dresses which are such a delight to wear and be seen in that customers keep coming back for more in different colorways… and there’s extra pleasure in knowing that they’re sewn locally from thoughtfully produced fabrics.

Katie deGuzman | K/LLER: Our line runs the gamut and really offers something for everyone at various price points. From our K/LLER FINE collection of delicate pieces in gold and silver to our bolder brass androgynous styles all cast from recycled metals and produced in the USA.

Wishing you the best in continuing to make statements and retail growth.

Director | Jeff Elstone
Cinematographer | Jack Shanahan
Talent | Francesca Vuillemin & Nana Takagi
Hair/Makeup | Juliet Jane
Producer | Numidas Prasarn
Production Designer | Alison Nguyen
Editor + Colorist | Jer Robert Paulin
Music | Chelsea Wolfe

Creative Direction + Clothing | Titania Inglis
Jewelry | K/LLER Collection