Rankin Pokes at the Industry in this Hilarious Fashion Short Paying Homage to “The Chair”


Serial magazine publisher, fashion photographer, and director Rankin has released a hilarious mockumentary in collaboration with Chanel titled “La Chaise Ironique” or “The Ironic Chair.” The film stars Rankin playing a pretentious diva version of himself in a satire of a “behind-the-scenes” look at a photoshoot for his magazine HUNGER. Even Chanel pokes fun at themselves by having literally everything in the studio be branded by Chanel from a tennis racket to the coffee and even a boomerang.

The film begins with Rankin swinging around the aforementioned Chanel tennis racket followed by him awkwardly explaining the coming photo shoot and what it’s really like to be a fashion photographer. A large piece of the “interview” with Rankin takes place inside a cramped mall-style photo booth which he seems to spend an unusual amount of time cooped up in. The film continues with an embarrassing casting mix-up and we learn the woes of waiting for hair and makeup to finish.

After a “revelation” about his career, Rankin decides to center the entire shoot around a chair because ‘chairs are really in right now.” The scene is simply brilliant and does a marvelous job of satirizing the relationship between a photographer and a model. Rankin even included the shoot in the most recent issue of HUNGER, further blurring the lines of fashion’s seriousness. The humor continues in the amazing end credits, so be sure to stick around for those.

This amusing and witty mockumentary is reminiscent of all time greats of the genre such as “Best in Show” and “This is Spinal Tap” with its deft ability to pick apart its subject matter and tickle the humorous underbelly of it all. Kudos to both Rankin and Chanel for their wonderful senses of humor and their ability to entertain us as an audience.



Director & Writer | Rankin
Director of Photography | Marcus Domleo
Model | Maya Coline
Stylist | Anna Hughes-Chamberlain
Producer | Zoë Roberts
Production | Rankin Films
First Assistant Director | Daniel Smith
Editor | Chris McKay, Cut+Run
Colorist | Simona Cristea, Rushes
Production Design | Rosalind Gahamire
Hair | Andrew Barton
Makeup | Marco Antonio
Manicurist | Shreen Gayle
Steadicam | Grant Sandy Phillips
Gaffer | Genki McClure
Digital Technicians | Neil Bennett & Larry Gorman
Focus Pullers | Rupert Hornstein & Remi Laudat
Sound Operator | Richard Graham
Receptionist | Sarah Sweeting
BTS Photographer | Max Cornwall