LA MER & YARD have teamed up to embrace The Big Blue for their Fall 2016 Campaign


La Mer has teamed up with Yard to dive into the brands heritage of the sea with their latest campaign entitled ‘Blue Heart.’

Consisting of film shorts, the focus is on individuals who have a relationship like La Mer with the ocean. Ocean conservationist and filmmakers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau share their passion for exploration in earth’s last uncharted terrain, champion free diver Tomoka Fukuda shares her respect and joy for deep diving, and actor and model Elsa Pataky shares her profound love of the tranquility of the sea. All end on the proposed question to the viewer, “How does the ocean inspire you?”

There is no brand more synonymous with the ocean than the iconic La Mer.
In collaboration with their team, we created a new platform for La Mer that defines and articulates the brand story, philosophy and voice, that led to an influencer strategy for the brand. This is the first wave of content: A series of films expressing three unique perspectives of the ocean and the inspiration driven from, which launched globally on World Oceans Day.

Stephen Niedzwiecki, Chief Creative Officer, Yard

The cinematography, coloration and tone are breathtaking as the camera pan the surf, waves and vastness of our planets oceans. The campaign resonates on many levels but first and foremost because it ties to La Mer’s DNA and heritage of drawing elements of renewal from the ocean. The title of Blue Heart is also on point bridging the the emoting goal of the campaign with the heritage of the brand.

We here at The Impression were simply swept away and this is definitely one campaign we recommending riding the tide of.




Agency | YARD
Chief Creative Officer | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Associate Creative Director | David Oscroft
Director | Brett Kincaid
Production Company | Matte
Models | Tomoka Fukuda, Elsa Pataky, Ashlan, & Philippe Cousteau