Online Retailer Bonobos Looks to Bring the Best Look of The SuperBowl to Your Door

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

There was a lot of excitement about Jeremy Scott’s costumes for Katy Perry for the Superbowl 49 halftime show, with fans clambering to the internet looking to get their hands on the best outfit, that of her fabulous backup dancers ‘The Land Sharks!’land sharks.001

And who better than the world’s largest fashion retailer to ever launch online, Bonobos, to react immediately to consumer demand. No sooner had the halftime show rolled off stage than the team at Bonobos rolled out their “Shark Suit” via twitter. The reaction was the company’s largest tweet of 2015 and 2nd highest in their company history so far. Offering to produce the suit should enough interest be generated, fans took to the company’s website to register for all things shark suit related.

twitter bonobos.001


We were watching the Superbowl with our amazing marketing team, having a few drinks, and when it got to halftime, the sharks started dancing. It was immediately apparent the sharks had won the show. Style is really about confidence and energy and those sharks had it in spades.

Craig Elbert
VP of Marketing, Bonobos

Elbert added, “We started tweeting and got some amazing traction and now we are in the process of seeing if we can make those suits.”

Get those sewing machines humming as smart marketing from smart marketers always gets The Impression to bite. Put us down for 1.

land sharks.002