LOFT Loves LOL-ing
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LOFT’s back at it. Back at being one of fashion’s smartest marketers leveraging YouTube today. Seriously… and we mean SRSLY, who ISN’T on YouTube today? With 1 billion users each month, companies are starting to think that its popularity can help them out. And if you read our article earlier this year, you’d know that Loft had previously teamed up with YouTube web series’ SRSLY and Hot Mess Moves, to bring hysterics to the holidays with YouTube shorts: “Gingerbread Boyfriends” by SRSLY, and “#cleanslate” by Hot Mess Moves.

Showcasing hilarious material that touches on the challenges all young people go through today: breakups, boyfriends, parties, friends, and more, these people turn their material into funny videos that anyone can relate to. Who wouldn’t wanna watch that?

This time, instead of partnering with specific groups such as SRSLY or Hot Mess Girls, Loft is working with three LA comedians: Ashley Clements, Irene Choi, and Hayley Huntley. Clements is best known for starring as Lizzie Bennet in Emmy Award winning digital series, “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, where she won a Streamy Award for Best Actress in a Drama. Choi, who attended college at Harvard University, has also appeared on TV in shows including CSI: Cyber, Community, and Garfunkel and Oates. Rounding out the trio is Huntley, a writer, actor, and comedian, who is a recurring character on Comedy Central’s Review with Forrest MacNeil as well as a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

For summer LOFT based the videos around choosing what summer events to attend as well as lounging around the ultimate summer water-cooler, the swimming pool. One of the elements we love about the videos is how natural they are as well as how natural the clothes are. More fashion labels would be wise to recognize that the emotional connection of videos like these is more powerful than forcing product onscreen.

LOFT and friends, you’ve got The Impression LOL-ing, and ‘SRSLY’ considering one of those swimsuits!


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Created by | Dani Oliver & Jason Cooper
Writer | Dani Oliver
Director | Yulin Kuang
Cinematographer | Zack Wallau
Editor | Joe Burke
Producers | Jason Cooper & Tiffany Gray
Starring | Ashley Clements, Irene Choi, & Hayley Huntley