By Gabriella Andreozzi | Impressionist

The so-called ‘Selfie’ comes to life in the new advertising campaign for the Spanish brand Loewe. Newly appointed creative director Jonathan Anderson and the legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel continue to partner for the house’s Fall 2015 campaign, redefining both the brand and what it means to advertise luxury in the era of the ‘selfie’. This season, the notoriously camera shy Meisel goes out on a limb for the brand, unveiling a few selfies of his own, luring the status quo as well as millennials.Loewe Meisel.003

Meisel gets rather personal for Loewe and releases several images from his own life, including an unseen ‘selfie’ of himself mid-smooch with another male as well as a picture of himself as a child. The seemingly random collection of images used in this campaign that he gathers from the past run alongside shots of bags from Loewe’s current collection and they are, in fact, not unsystematic at all.

By connecting the past and present with the new campaign, Anderson exemplifies his respect for the brand’s heritage to forge a template for their future. This follows on the heels of Anderson’s appointment last year to Loewe and his transformation of the brand’s identity system, designed by the talented graphic duo M/M (Paris). That system, too, nodded to the past by merging the brand’s historical logos with branding irons used on leather goods.Loewe Meisel.002

The ‘past, present, and future’ is exactly what’s guiding Loewe’s reinvention, and to see the likes of Steven Meisel become so personally involved in the house’s success is endearing. If this is a brand that is finding its ‘self’, then we cannot get enough.Loewe Meisel.001