Loft continues their comedic streak with Busy Philipps for Fall

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

Loft is at it again, bringing in Cougar Town actress Busy Philipps in a new series of hilarious YouTube shorts. This is Loft’s third go-around at a YouTube Mini-series, they’re used to working with big YouTube names such as SRSLY and Hot Mess Moves, but this time they’ve caught a cougar.

LOFT brings the struggles of fall to life in these ads, showing things like picking out outfits for the first day of school, or in Busy’s case first day of work, and the complicated relationship we all have with “fall weather.” These videos mark Busy Philipps’ debut in independent project directing.

What better way to have a little fun with the start of fall than to partner with Busy Philipps for comedy shorts? We’re all big fans of hers at Loft and love the the concepts she created!

Michelle Horowitz – SVP of Marketing

In the first video “Birdie Knows Best,” Philipps brings in her daughter Birdie to help her pick out her outfit. Busy doesn’t listen to Birdie, but lives every high school girls nightmare when she walks on set and sees another woman wearing the same outfit. In a panic, she reaches into her bag to find that her daughter has figuratively saved her life and packed her pick in moms bag. Turns out Birdie really does know best.

This video is the first of two in the mini-series, the second one dealing with the elusive “fall weather” will be released in early October. The videos are a smart move by the retailer and continue to carve out a distinctive voice  that ultimately touches by their consumers hearts and pocketbooks.

One thing we love about this video is how realistic it is, and how smart is it to always pack a second outfit because hey, you never know.

All we can say here at The Impression is, it’s time to get Busy getting ready for fall.