The Store Scout | LOU & GREY Flatiron New York City



Loft has opened their offshoot store, Lou & Grey, in New York City with their 12th location on 5th Avenue in Flatiron, New York City.

Lou & Grey was created as its own brand in January 2014 and has developed out of a collection of loungewear that Loft stores, owned by Ascena, had been selling since 2009. In a couple years, the company has opened 12 standalone retail stores, this month making it’s first grand debut in New York City. Lou & Grey currently boast 12 stores to Loft’s 680, making the new Flatiron store that much more of a unique shopping experience.

With fixtures designed in-house by their visual team, wooden stools standing on concrete floors, and plants scattered throughout the store, we get a feel for their soft and homey environment to draw in those who prefer a chic yet comfortable wardrobe. In addition to neutral and clean fixtures, Lou & Grey has created a rather cozy and laid-back section, with light pink lounge chairs and candles to give off a relaxing mindset.

The space enables the team at Loft’s Lou & Grey to occupy a loft within the store with a private office where 11 employees work a few days out of their week to gain not only insight of customer patterns, but a relationship with them as well.

Lou & Grey has taken the feeling of home a step further by offering community classes in their stores, supporting local artisans and providing Instagrammable opportunities for consumers to engage in. That moment came quickly for the new boutique in the form of a custom design ice cream truck that served free ice cream cones outside the Flatiron store last weekend. Adding literally the cherry on top of the  “soft” novelty clothing line of Lou & Grey.




138 5th Avenue | Flatiron
(B/t 19th  & 20th) in Flatiron
New York, New York 10011

(212) 620-0531

Mon-Sat: 10 AM – 9 PM
Sun: 10 AM – 7 PM