Louis Vuitton puts more spirit into travel with their new app

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is known for a lot of things; their gorgeous canvas and leather handbags, perfectly sized wallets, and long living travel collection. For over 15 years, the house has invited people to use their travel collection by creating City Guide collections, showcasing the brands top destinations. Now they’ve moved to a digital platform.

The new mobile app has been developed to complement the paper city guides, and gives its users the chance to explore cities such as Chicago, Bangkok, Prague, and Rome which have not been published. Along with this new material users can discover cities that were in the original guides, which are too beautiful to risk damaging while traveling. The app is much more usable, since you can’t stain your phone with a chocolate crêpe. The app will include exclusive guest contributors, secret addresses, and information regarding current cultural events.

Louis Vuitton is creating a lifestyle app, reaching out to their customers in a new way and engaging them in the brand while they explore a new city. For Louis Vuitton, the house made a smart branding move by moving further into the digital sphere.  They are literally keeping themselves in their customers’ hand. The digital age is calling, and Louis Vuitton picked up.

The app will be available for purchase later this month, just in time for holiday travel.