Louis Vuitton takes themselves seriously in their new Spirit of Travel film starting Michelle Williams & Alicia Vikander

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

With an opening voiceover by actress Michelle Williams exclaiming “I don’t have a destination, I have a destiny,” Louis Vuitton launches their seasonal Spirit of Travel campaign. Within the short video spot featuring actresses Michelle Williams and the rising star of Man from Uncle and Ex-Machina, Alicia Vikander, the house shows us just how seriously they take their travel.

The film opens up to a shot of Michelle Williams in a car with huge sunglasses driving down a desert path. The scenery of Palm Springs, California is artfully showcased with wide panning shots of the desert mountains, quickly changing over to the beautiful image of Alicia Vikander standing alone on the plain. But she isn’t alone for long, a snake decides to slither up to her and keep her company, and it’s common knowledge how friendly wild desert snakes are so it makes sense that she picks it up. The video cuts back to Michelle leaning out of her car window searching for something. Michelle and Alicia are searching for each other, and while making pit stops on mountains, plains, and in forests, their ultimate destination is the site of the Louis Vuitton’s Cruise collection show, The Bob & Dolores Hope Estate designed by John Lautner. The unique angles and nuances of this architecturally iconic building are beautifully showcased, and used to compliment the models and the merchandise.

This film was elegantly done in terms of cinematography, pacing, and showing off the houses iconic travel goods. That being said, the voiceover script perhaps takes itself a tad too seriously, leaving the house open to parody similar to Mercedes-Benz “Fistful of Wolves.”

It is an easy trap to fall into, a snake-pit if you will, and one we encourage the house to watch out for in their future travels.

ALICIA VIKANDER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS louis vuitton resort 2016 photo ALICIA VIKANDER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS louis vuitton resort 2016 photo

Actors | Alicia Vikander & Michelle Williams
Music |  “Léviathan” by Flavien Berger