The Impression’s Look at the Parsons School of Design 2015 Design Winners

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Fashion is the most innovative of fields and one that not only welcomes fresh perspectives but relies on it. To gain insight from the industries next generation of designers The Impression checked in with this years award winners from Parsons School of Design to see what was on their minds. For the third in this week’s series we spoke with Parsons Womenswear Designer of the Year, Lucy Jones.

Lucy Jones designer portrait

What inspired you to go into fashion?
When I was younger, like most young girls (and boys!) “dress-up” was my favourite game, I could transform into Cinderella, Snow White and Belle. This was more costume, but as I got older I realized that it was because putting on a different outfit was giving me freedom and sometimes a different identity, emotion and feeling and this is something everyone experiences every day whether we put much thought into it or not. Dressing is a shared practice and I find that so interesting!

What three fashion houses do you admire?
Issey Miyake
Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air
Eileen Fisher

What inspired your senior collection?
I explored the relationship between Disability and Beauty, which grew out of a personal response to a comment made by my cousin Jake, who has hemiplegia. As a result, I am now focused in providing a seated design practice so that disability can be incorporated into the design process from the outset. So I guess it’s less of an inspiration and more of an awareness and focus toward a large portion of society often excluded from the fashion industry.

What mark do you hope to leave in the industry?
Hopefully a big one! It’s cliché for every young designer to want to “make a change” or feel they are worthy enough to have a particular stance in the industry, but I truly believe that we can work together to be more inclusive in our design approaches where disability and sustainability are not simply afterthoughts. I want this age to be the age where we learn, collaborate, and listen to the needs of all individuals.