Fruit of the Loom: Stay Professional, Get Comfortable

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Fruit of the Loom has definitely turned heads by promoting their new no-ride up boxers with plastic pants back in April, and now they have taken their fake-clothes approach to a whole new level by setting out to create the world’s most comfortable, yet high-end line of suits. But these are not the high-end suits most people think of.

This “Professionals” collection actually consists of limited-edition sweat suits made to look like fancy business suits, through the printing of patterns and designs of real suits as designs on the fabrics. Consisting of three looks – The Country Clubber, The Trail Blazer, and The Business Time, Fruit of the Loom claims, “There are no shortcuts to success – but we just made one.”

The goal is to look good and feel good at the same time. Looking professional without losing comfort. Unfortunately, Fruit of the Loom only made 50 of each outfit to see if this idea will interest customers, so you can’t purchase them yet. They will post the images on all social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine, and ask viewers where they would wear them.

Hopefully guys will wear these products and look professional, but also get a laugh out of people at the same time. People will ask where they got their outfit and where can they get one. One may laugh at the idea, but this deals with what men everywhere struggle with: looking put together but wanting to stay in their sweats all day.

Fruit of the Loom wants you to “Get Comfortable with Success” and tell them what you think of their new professional’s collection idea.

The Country Clubber

The Trail Blazer

The Business Time



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