Mango finesses the store event video format capturing Cara & Kate in the madness of Milan

By Kenneth Richard | Impressionist

Capturing live events can be a bit tricky, which is often the reason that many brand event videos feel as though it was a ‘non-event.’ However, the team at Mango has set a new standard in store event films with their latest featuring a public appearance by Cara Delevinge and the iconic Kate Moss.

Within the piece the duo of spokespeople pull up to a Milan store surrounded by fans and paparazzi. They then proceed to do a standard meet and greet and pose in front of a step and repeat. Nothing out of the ordinary. . . until you look at that camerawork as the video, for once, captures the excitement.

The event team at Mango hired the absolute perfect cinematographer team who wisely captured picture perfect angles of the crowd. Rather than pulling the lens back to see the size of the crowd, the cameramen fit within the crowd, creating the sense of drama rather than simply documenting the event. Most event videos use a wider shot of the crowd which ultimately shows its size, streets and near-by buildings. This often leaves marketers in a tight spot when editing as the images reflect the true size of the crowd, and no matter how large it is, it is never large enough. Mango wisely edited this out of the equation skimming the crowd from within. Keeping the camera tight and close to the subjects.

There are no pulled back shots as so it all feel packed. So The Impression would like to give it up to the event team at Mango and their camera crew who created a piece that packed a punch.