Marc by Marc Jacobs & i-D partner to capture the essence of summer.
[intense_hr size=”large” accent_width=”30″ accent_height=”3″] By Danielle D’Onofrio | The Impressionist

Marc by Marc Jacobs teamed up with i-D Magazine to bring us back to those nostalgic days of carefree summers. The video titled “The Feeling” follows a group of friends who become more like family as they spend their summer days splashing in the pool, laughing until it hurts and dancing until the sun comes up. The sentimental voice overs provide musings of wisdom as the music and scenery create a serene vibe.

The video reminds us of a simpler time when in our youthful bliss we ignored the anxiety of the future and instead focused on living in the present. Perhaps the company is sending a message in response to the recent news that they plan to merge the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand with its luxury parent brand, Marc Jacobs. This video gives insight into what we can expect for the vibe of the brand; edgy, youthful and fun.

But for now, let’s take a cue from the video and live in the moment as we enjoy the carefree days and endless nights of summer.

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Director | Matt Lambert
Director of Photography | Cezary Zacharewicz
Head of Creative | Bunny Kinney
Art Director | Elijah Flores
Cast | Karen Arechiga, Lia Avraham, Phoebe Bridgers, Jonny Chais, Zaria Gunn, Kris Kidd, Wes, Audrey Wolen
Stylist | Max Clark
Hair & Makeup | Meghan Nguy, Samantha Ward
Editor | Andi Pek
Music & Sound Design | Father