Marks & Spencer Give us a New Christmas Icon in 2016 Holiday Film


Mrs. Claus steals the spotlight in the new M&S holiday video. The British multinational retailer, puts a twist on Christmas with this magical, fashion narrative.

While Santa is off delivering presents, Mrs. Claus opens a letter from a little boy, Jake, who needs her help. He needs a new pair of sneakers for his big sister, because him and his dog ruined her other pair.

Mrs. Claus takes off in her red helicopter to help Jake, looking fashionable in her red dress and long red coat. Once she arrives at Jake’s home, she swiftly places the sneakers under the Christmas tree, grabbing a mince pie before she returns to the North Pole.

Santa gets back to the cabin and suspects nothing has happened, Mrs. Clause is pretending to sleep on the couch when he arrives. He asks her how a present under the tree labeled, “Mr.C” got there and she smiles and says, “It wouldn’t be fun if you knew all of my secrets.”

This holiday film is M&S’ best yet. The retailer gives us a new and fashionable Christmas icon with Mrs. Claus saving the day in style. It’s hard not to smile when watching this heartwarming film, or to become reminded of the thoughtful meaning behind the tradition of gift giving.

Director | Tom Hooper
Music | ‘With Love’ by Rachel Portman