Marks & Spencer Mark Another Christmas


We can all understand the excitement we feel around holiday time, but the excitement that comes every Christmas morning we somehow still find so magically inexplicable to describe. Until Marks & Spencer came along with their latest ad.

In their recent holiday commercial, this British multinational retailer understands not only the art of surprise Christmas morning entails, but also the art of the night before Christmas, the art of making an entrance, the art of the excitement of noise and joy, the art of feast (the list goes on), that all add up to the art of Christmas.

Opening with a soft Christmas tune showing the lighting of trees all around was soon cut off by a non-lyrical, more upbeat version of Mark Ronson’s hit single, Uptown Funk. This, mixed with bright visuals of gifts, families together on Christmas morning, and kids dancing around with sheer joy, shows the indescribable excitement we all feel at Christmas time in Marks & Spencer’s new advert.

Marks & Spencer marks another Christmas, but this time brings the magic of the holidays to life, which is making us here at The Impression start to “mark” our calendars a little earlier than usual on our countdown to December 25.