Mercedes-Benz parodies fashion in their hilarious, yet fashionable, short film for Berlin Fashion Week

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Fashion has its own set of laws from visual esthetics to marketing speak that admittedly, when viewed from outside, are understandably hilarious. It would appear that Berlin Fashion Week title sponsor, Mercedes-Benz, and fashion insider Justin O’Shea, buying director at online high fashion boutique, are in on the joke and more than happy to poke a little fun at the drama of fashion in their new promotional video for Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week.

The video, directed by Danny Sangra, is a joy ride of fashion parody with O’Shea suffering from a Walter Mitty syndrome of fashionable illusions of grandeur. These illusions cross over into his everyday activities causing him to walk in slow motion while imaging his life as a fashion icon or monolog in fashion speak to no one in particular. Along for the ride, in stunning 1970 Mercedes C111 with gull wing doors no less, are Justin’s real-life girlfriend and fashion editor Veronika Heilbrunner, fashion editor Julie Knolle, and fellow colleagues at, Gabriel Chipperfield and Raphael Chipperfield. paris-str-v-rs15-5372

O’Shea, who along with Heilbrunner is often featured as a street style star here at The Impression, really shows some sharp acting chops with the piece and seems destined to be cast in a Wes Anderson film at the very least. We appreciate a little fashion parody now and again and encourage all of you to give the slow-mo walk a try.


Written & Directed by | Danny Sangra
Creative Direction | Aldona Kwiatkowski-Neulandherzer
Producer | Scott O’Donnell
Talent | Justin O’Shea, Veronika Heilbrunner, Julia Knoelle, Gabriel Chipperfield, Raphael Chipperfield
DOP | Yannick Bonicka
Set Manager | Roland Albrecht
Colourist | Jack McGinity/Rushes
Makeup | Isabel Lipi
Music | Laurie Erskine
Sound | Johannes Kaschek