GLAMOUR GAMES 2: Pictures of Lily Edition


Our New York Fashion Week blues are kicking in, and there’s no better remedy than the second installment of Michael Kors’ Glamour Games. This time, VS model Lily Aldridge has been chosen to go head to head against Michael in this rapid fire showdown. Aldridge was recently featured in the Kors’ Parisian parody film, so it was only fitting she be next to take on the champ. Although the first Glamour Games back in July were gonna be hard to top, featuring exciting rounds of fashion charades with Gigi Hadid and MK, these games didn’t disappoint.

Just trailing NYFW, Glamour Games now wants to see who knows the industry best, with a 3-round, 60-second game of “Guess the Famous Fashion Icon”. From Michael singing “Hello” – channeling his inner Adele – to Lily moonwalking like Michael Jackson, these games were full of crazy exchanges between the two fashion icons themselves. The videos are a start move by Kors and team; why not leverage the upbeat spirit of the designer in a fashion that displays his witticism, competitive streak, smile and acting chops?

Coming into the third round with the score at 7-5 for Lily, they ended up tying in the last round. And who was the sudden death icon to guess? The famous aviator sunglasses Lily put on were a dead giveaway – Michael Kors, of course!

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