Michael Kors ‘Icons of Style’ Night Goes Beyond the Evening

[intense_hr size=”large” accent_width=”30″ accent_height=”3″] By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Plenty of F words were involved in the recent Icons of Style night at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, but probably not the F word you first had in mind: Fashion, famous, film, and food. And that pretty much summed up the evening of fashion and film hosted by Michael Kors, Vanity Fair and Fashion & Cinema.

Plenty of brands have events but what impressed The Impression was the way the team at Michael Kors leveraged technology to extend the event beyond those in attendance. Rather than simply capture the event with a still photographer and seed out as PR, the team wisely used film, and high quality at that, to bring the event alive for all to see.

Consisting of a panel of a-list celebrities, including Kate Hudson, Ali MacGraw, and Rene Russo, Kors hosts the discussion celebrating the opening night of Icons of Style.

We’re sure that these actresses and designers could go on all night talking about anything in the world, but in this case, they explored the role of fashion in American film. And how else to do it other than reliving their own movies? Discussed in the panel were three iconic films: Almost Famous (2000), Love Story (1970) and The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), which Hudson, MacGraw, and Russo starred in, respectively.

Led by Elizabeth Saltzman from Vanity Fair, each celeb on panel talked about the fashion moments that they inspired in their films and why they were so memorable.

Following the discussion panel, Love Story was played for the audience, and then Kors went on to host the actresses and guests at a private dinner taking place at The Ivy-which has been refurbished after shutting down in January.

The actresses caught up with other notable figures among names like Marie-Chantal, Erin O’Connor, Clémence Poésy, Crown Princess of Greece, Mario Testino, Uma Thurman, and more, together celebrating and raising their glasses to the style and cinema of yesterday and today.

Catch a glimpse of the night here: