The Store Scout | MICHAEL KOR Serialized Pop-Up


Michael Kors has opened its first-ever serialized pop-up shop at 384 Bleecker Street, New York, titled The Kors Edit.
This is the first-ever transformation of the brand’s lifestyle store, offering customers creatively curated collections that will change daily, gallery-style, with Kors personally picking out the theme each time. Every month, The Kors Edit will unveil a brand-new, never seen, boutique-like shopping environment including of-the-moment apparel, accessories, and shoes, making the in-store experience more special for the customer.

We are always thinking of new ways to better serve our most loyal customers and THE KORS EDIT is a great way to tap into what we’re most excited about at Michael Kors right now. The Bleecker Street store is like my lab where the newest ideas, concepts and personalized points of view will come to life. I specifically wanted to create this kind of innovative shopping space downtown, on Bleecker, which has always been a culturally rich hot spot in the city.

-Michael Kors

In today’s fast pace world, which is defined by ever-shifting tastes and desires, curating a line that speaks to the top trends is a way for the brand to cater to the customers’ wants and needs in the quickest way possible. To feed into the world of fast fashion, The Kors Edit will transform the store monthly to spotlight ready-to-wear, just-off-the-runway items available for purchase. The pop-up shop’s windows and shelves will showcase a selection of Fall 2016 Michael Kors Collection accessories and shoes. The pieces were specifically chosen to excite the customers.

The gallery-like environment at the Bleecker Street shop will celebrate the spirit of spontaneity and innovation at Michael Kors and allow the brand to instantly provide for the modern customer mindset.

MK_Bleecker_Sept_1 MK_Bleecker_Sept_2 MK_Bleecker_Sept_3 MK_Bleecker_Sept_4

384 Bleecker St, New York, New York 10014
Between Perry St. & Charles St.Contact
(212) 242-0700
Mon-Sat: 11 AM-8 PM
Sun: 11 AM- 7 PM