In Sofia Coppola’s 2003 masterpiece, Lost in Translation, the viewer watches an iconic celebrity from the US, played by Bill Murray, fall in love while in Japan to star in a whiskey commercial. The scene where they film the ‘Suntory Times’ whisky spot is hysterical as the director gives 2 minutes of explanation to Bill’s character only to have the interpreter filter it down to 10 words.

The Impression can’t help but see similarities between Sofia’s story and the Italian Golden Lady commercial spot featuring Miley Cyrus and directed by Terry Richardson. The spot is traditional Terry – seamless, props, and sexual overtones. Miley is straight up Miley; topless, leggy, and doing her best to remind us she is edgy. All is going well until the end when as Miley moves stage left three hosiery packages pop-up along with a “Rock Your Legs” fuchsia glittered icon. Suddenly the commercial shifted from YouTube sensation to a candidate for ‘Odd international commercials using famous US celebrities.’

Closing with the most unfashionable graphics used in fashion leaves this commercial lost without translation and us looking for a glass of  ‘Suntory Times.’

Director | Terry Richardson
Talent | Miley Cyrus
Stylist | Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele
Music | “#GETITRIGHT” performed by Miley Cyrus, written and produced by Pharrell Williams.