MIU MIU fuses fashion with music with the release of the  MIU MIUSIC APP


In the midst of February’s fashion month frenzy, you may have missed Miu Miu’s release of a music app called Miu Miusic. The free app allows users to choose curated tracks from DJ Frédéric Sanchez and pair them with a selection of psychedelic images and clips of the brand’s runway shows. The app itself is not social-driven, but is a platform for users to curate their own personalized playlist-graphic multimedia masterpieces. It fuses music, Miu Miu fashion, and buzzy graphics in a surprisingly simple way, mimicking the overall colorful and upbeat mood of the Prada daughter brand.

While an app like this, one not connected to any typical social platform, may not be the most effective strategy in terms of traffic or numbers, it’s certainly a unique and strategic marketing ploy on Miu Miu’s part. The app seeks to do what perhaps is the ultimate goal of all fashion brands – working its way into the customers’ lives in more ways than simply clothing, and placing the brand aesthetic and personality into customers’ hands while allowing them to make it their own and mold it to themselves as well. It’s also something that can easily be incorporated into Miu Miu runway productions. Although there is a “Share” option for users to post their creations, it’s not a move that feels forced or desperate for followers but a genuine platform aimed at Miu Miu fans’ enjoyment. The Impression believes it’s a good move- fresh, fun, and different… plus the house finally puts their good name to use in an app. Miu Miusic is music to our ears.