Moncler collaborates with artist FriendsWithYou for Tokyo flagship

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Take a walk around any Tokyo shopping district and you understand in a heartbeat why they are a hotbed of activity for street style photographers. Pop art and colorful characters abound.

The sage team at Moncler recognized this and to celebrate the launch of their new flagship store in the Ginza district in Tokyo, Moncler collaborated with the Los Angeles artist duo, FriendsWithYou, to launch and dynamic and festive holiday collection.

The collection entitled, Happy Virus, derives its name from a related animated film and limited edition prints by the artists. FriendsWithYou’s key characters; Malfi, Happy Virus, Cloudy, Look Who, Snowy and Mr. TTT,  were all adapted into the collection.

The Impression finds the tailored program, which was released exclusively at the Ginza store for the launch and then released wide a week later, to be a really smart way to get behind a regional key flagship launch. The market loved it, the brand has a new story to tell, and the artist get additional exposure and licensing revenue. A win-win all around the makes us a happy as the characters in the film. Which as you can see from the video all want to be FriendsWithYou too.