MONCLER Slopes into the Athletic Spirit with New Passion for Sports Campaign


Moncler creates a brand and a video campaign along with it, representing the outstanding passion, of the most dedicated and extraordinary athletes. The two new videos highlight the importance of athletic performance, and the need for upmost technicality.

The Moncler Grenoble High Performance video series started in 2015 with the first four video-documentaries and now continues with season 2. Moncler has always been known for its puffer jackets and winter looks, so the brand naturally transitioned over to sport garments, appealing to athletes and those who do winter sports for fun during the holidays.

The dynamic video features live sounds and sensations, enhancing even more this action-packed journey that we experience alongside the athletes. The use of different angles, engaging scenery and playful visuals are all elements that help redefine the Moncler brand in this specific market.

The construction of the Moncler apparel is done with the mobility and performance of skiing athletes in mind. This campaign shows that the true, ferocious spirit of the athlete is enhanced when wearing the Moncler sports apparel. The Moncler brand wants athletes to feel indestructible, like they can achieve anything while wearing their garments.




Art Direction & Concept | Francesco Ragazzi & Regis Tosetti
Director | Matt Baron
Snowboarder | Iouri Podladtchikov
Skiers | Lindsay Frensz & Nate Bevelaqua
Executive Producers | Lucy Sumner & Michael Karbelnikoff
Head of Production | Nicola Westermann
Producers | Andrew Runkle & Adam Baxter
Production Supervisor | Stephanie Marshall
Assistant Production Supervisor | Alexandra Nadjarian
Original Music & Sound Design | Stelios Phili