MONCLER & SPIKE LEE Celebrate New York in Latest Film


To help enaguarte their latest Madison Avenue flagship, the team at Moncler wisely aligned with brand enthusiast and New York icon to create a fashion film in tribute to the people of New York.

The six-and-a-half-minute film entitled Brave, opens with a shot of a young man in front of the Statue of Liberty as Lee reads the famous lines engraved at site: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free.” And free the film is lensed in Lee’s kinetic and celebratory style complete with bold graphics, music, dance and celebration of New York’s diverse culture and iconic locations.

The Impression sat with Spike Lee to chat briefly about how the project, how it came about, New York City heat, and his love for New York.

Spike, thanks for sitting to share a bit about the project and film. How did it come about?
I been wearing Moncler way before they called me, so it was very organic and natural. They probably did some research before they called and saw me wearing some of their goodness. I’m always down in Soho at their store. So I got a call from them out of the blue and they were interested in my short films about New York and love for New York. I said “Great! Let’s do it!”

Remo Ruffini, Spike Lee, Thom Browne

Remo Ruffini, Spike Lee, Thom Browne

The release and timing of celebrating New York and all of it’s heritage seems patriotic and well timed around the election.
We’ll I am a patriot. The film is about diversity which is the opposite of what Donald Trump represents to me. Even though Trump is from New York he didn’t win New York City. We are a diverse people who came to this country through immigration or through slavery like my ancestors and that is part of what helped to build New York City to be the greatest city in the world. That is what what the film celebrates.

And does so warmly. Hard to break out the down jackets in the heat of that asphalt.
It was hot! It was a 100 degrees when we filmed it! Those dancers were killing themselves when we were doing it. “Another take!?” Yeah, we had some fun with that. But I love New York City in the summertime. Summers are about getting out, playing until it gets dark, nice those long days.

Know you’ve been talking about the election all night so happy to ask about the long days ahead as think we share a common thought about these times ahead.
Yeah, I was just saying that great art comes out of difficult times. I think we are going to see amazing art, films, stories, music all come out of this as everyone starts to rise up and see that it is a new world.

Thanks for kicking off a positive note on the world in this Moncler piece.
Go Moncler and New York City!


Director / Producer/ EP | Spike Lee
Line Producer | Jason Sokoloff
Location Manager | Tim Stacker
Co-Producer | Satchel Lee
Business Manager | Heather Parish
Art Vibes
Executive Producers | Max Brun & Guccio Tolomei
Producers | Roberta Gigi & Giulia Lupo
Dancers | Lil Buck, John Boogz, & Damaris Lewis
Band | The Negro Problem
Director of Photography | Kerwin Devonish
Editor | Hye Mee Na
Sound / Playback | John D’Aquino
Hair / Makeup | Kristen Castellano
Hair / Makeup Special | Ashleigh Alexandria
Costume Design | Ntokozo Kunene
Costume Pas | Lillian Prentice, Christelle Matou, & Natasha Carabello
Location | New York, New York