New York Model Management turns to film to take show packages to the next level

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Turn back the clock 10 years ago on model show packages and the delivery vehicle was, in fact, a bicycle. Fast track to today and that delivery vehicle is a button; however, the team over at New York Model Management had other wheels in motion when agency co-owner Cory Bautista and team concepted the first short cinematic show package. And the Impression believes they may have created a new lane for agencies to follow for the next 10 years.

Shows are, after all, events in motion, and with live streaming and video only growing in popularity, casting directors and designers are as interested in seeing how fresh faces flow on film as much as via stills. Within the short directed by Alec Maxwell of Kloss Films, models Lou Schoof, Rainey Forkner, Olga Sherer, Sanne Vloe, Sarah Brannon and others act as booking agents themselves as they move to and fro in a modern office space. The result is a stylized overview of the spectrum of talent with enough to inform and entire the casting community.

Everyone involved in shooting the video was into it because they knew it was something innovative. From the cinematographer to the hair and make-up team to the stylist to the models, everyone was into it. Alec Maxwell knew how to bring it to life and give it just enough kitsch not to be tacky.

Cory Bautista - Agency Director | Co-Owner

The piece resonates with a steady cinematographer’s hand, which is no small feat given the tight conditions an office space can be to work in. And Maxwell provides a short enough balance of sultry sexiness, modernity, pacing and whimsy to catch the eye of the most jaded of the fashion flock. Who will once again be flocking to New York for the upcoming fashion weeks, and somehow we will be sure to see more models than usual from New York Model Management.