Shout! along with the University of Oregon in Nike’s new video

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

We all know about Animal House’s epic toga party scene, but what do you do when there is actually an animal, more specifically a duck, at your toga party? The obvious answer is to smash the guitar he’s playing. The duck in question happens to be the University of Oregon’s mascot, and he is but one of many characters in Nike & Weiden+Kennedy’s reenactment of the famous Animal House house party.

Nike created a viral video surrounding the University of Oregon’s famous football team, featuring many Oregon-born athletes and diehard fans. They created a perfect reenactment of the toga party scene from the movie Animal House, decked out in makeshift togas dancing to “Shout!”. And who else would be singing but the original Otis Day form Animal House’s own Otis Day & the Knights, who they brought back for this video. Nike really brought the gang back together, calling home athletes such as Dan Fouts, Dennis Dixon, LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner. They even got Modern Family TV actor Ty Burrell to come home and show his true colors of green and yellow.

This video brought in a lot of Oregon star power to showcase the feeling of Nike. The Impression applauds this localized approach from the global giant who reached back to their roots to support their home team. The Co-Founders of Nike were both Ducks back in the day – Phil Knight was a runner on the track team, and Bill Bowerman was the track and field coach for 24 years. The VP of design, who had a cameo in the video, was a pole vaulter during his time at the university.

For the University of Oregon, that was one great house party.

Agency | Weiden+ Kennedy
Producer | Jeff Selis