We often focus on the core of fashion but as we all know being active is the reason most of the fashion flock can fit into those looks. As the Olympics dominate the airwaves, we wanted to step back and look at the category as a whole turning our gaze to perhaps the categories leading player, Nike. The world’s largest athletic brand with more endorsements and a budget larger than that of many countries doesn’t disappoint. Our favorite? Nike’s longer form narrative with a version of The Prince and the Pauper with renown footballer Christiano Ronaldo. Quite a knock-out!



Agency | Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Director | Ringan Ledwidge
Creative Director | Chris Groom & Stuart Brown
Art Director | Pedro Izique
Executive Producer | Matt Hunnicutt

Agency | Wieden+Kennedy, Delhi
Producer | Jules de Chateleux
Creative Director | Mohamed Rizwan
Art Director | Anyaa Dev
Digital Strategist | Amsha Kalra

Agency | W+K, Amsterdam & Netherlands
Producer | Jules de Chateleux
Creative Directors | Craig Williams & David Smith
Art Director | Sébastien Partika
Digital Strategist | Greg White