Chandelier Creative puts Portlandia Duo at the Kids’ Table in Old Navy’s new Holiday Spot

By Kenneth Richard

Fresh off their Black Friday Snoop Dog robbery spoof with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kumail Nanjiani, Old Navy has turned to Portlandia stars to raise the bar on holiday event dressing.

In their new “Kids’ Table” spot, by Creative Director Richard Christiansen and his team at Chandelier Creative, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen of Portlandia find themselves mysteriously sequestered from the grown-up table for reasons that escape them.

The duo are shepherded by a polished young man at the table, who points out the pair fell from grace as they took holiday dressing a little too casually. The point is augmented as a striking couple flows by the duo on their way to the grown-up room. After the pair unsuccessfully tries to engage in conversation from the table to the adults in the other room, the young mentor advises the pair to get to Old Navy and “pick out some clothes that scream holidays, and bam! You’re in. Job’s done, you’re with the big kids.”

It’s good to see the brand expand their narrative with a broader range of talent this season as it has been a bite one-sided with Louis-Dreyfus carrying all the weight. The idea of dressing up for the holidays has surprisingly rarely been tackled in holiday ads and certainly hasn’t been done with such hilarity.

The spot reminds us that Gap Inc., owner of Old Navy, once kept the brand at the kids’ table while their mainstay brand Gap did all the adult talking with their seasonal holiday TV spots. It would appear that Old Navy has grown up and come into its own via their partnership with Chandelier Creative. And that is quite a turn of the tables.

Agency | Chandelier Creative
Creative Director | Richard Christiansen
Actors | Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen