by Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Next Management likes to push forward thinking, future stars and innovation in management.   We wanted to create a package that challenged the perception of beauty in a humorous, light way as well as capture the energy of the season in all of its newness, optimism and exploration.
Kyle Hagler
President Next New York

It’s show time again! Months of planning, sleepless nights, and countless cups of lava are finally going to pay off. But before that cat goes down the walk, there is a community of modeling managers who works tirelessly to bring the dreams to life by helping designers, producers and casting agents book their talent. It all starts off with a little pack know as ‘showcards.’

This season our award for Best Showcards of the Season goes to Next Models for their ingenious collaboration with artist Doug Abraham.

“We were delighted at Next to collaborate with Doug Abraham in this capacity as he is representative of all things modern and utilizes social medial as an effective way of communicating ideas.” explains Kyle Hagler, President Next New York. Next’s showcards were a welcome invitation to get innovative and here is to a fresh, exciting, and ultimate commercially rewarding New York Fashion Week.

02_Aline_Weber02_Aline_Weber_ 50_Suvi_Koponen 50_Suvi_Koponen_ 49_Lily_McMenamy 49_Lily_McMenamy_ 47_Abbey_Lee 47_Abbey_Lee_ 46_Sabrina_Ioffreda 46_Sabrina_Ioffreda_ 44_Malgosia_Bela 44_Malgosia_Bela_ 43_Sigrid_Cold 43_Sigrid_Cold_ 42_Laura_Julie 42_Laura_Julie_ 40_Esmeralda 40_Esmeralda_ 39_Agne 39_Agne_ 38_Erika_L 38_Erika_L_ 37_Isabela_Eing 37_Isabela_Eing_ 36_Roxanne 36_Roxanne_ 35_Dasha_Gold 35_Dasha_Gold_ 34_Kim_Peers 34_Kim_Peers_ 33_Karolin_Wolter 33_Karolin_Wolter_ 32_Dakota 32_Dakota_ 31_Grace_Simmons 31_Grace_Simmons_ 29_Langley_Fox 29_Langley_Fox_ 28_Cris_Herrmann 28_Cris_Herrmann_ 27_Fernanda_Liz 27_Fernanda_Liz_ 26_Ashton_Flutey 26_Ashton_Flutey_ 25_Estella_Brons 25_Estella_Brons_ 24_Blanca_Padilla 24_Blanca_Padilla_ 23_Dani_Witt 23_Dani_Witt_ 22_Lera_Tribel 22_Lera_Tribel_ 21_Julia_Frauche 21_Julia_Frauche_ 20_Arizona_Muse 20_Arizona_Muse_ 19_Lili_Sumner 19_Lili_Sumner_ 18_Anne_Sophie 18_Anne_Sophie_ 17_Meghan_Collison 17_Meghan_Collison_ 16_Hedvig_Palm 16_Hedvig_Palm_ 15_Esther_Heesch 15_Esther_Heesch_ 14_Maja_Salamon 14_Maja_Salamon_ 13_Kia_Low 13_Kia_Low_ 12_Tanya_K 12_Tanya_K._ 12_Nic_Neiman 12_Nic_Neiman_ 11_Kasimira 11_Kasimira_ 10_Daionara 10_Daionara_ 09_Zuzanna_Bijoch 09_Zuzanna_Bijoch_ 08_Holly_Rose 08_Holly_Rose_ 07_Sharam_Diniz 07_Sharam_Diniz_ 06_Naty_Chabanenko___ 06_Naty_Chabanenko______ 05_Georgia_Hilmer 05_Georgia_Hilmer_ 04_Stephanie_Joy_Field 04_Stephanie_Joy_Field_ 03_Dalianah 03_Dalianah_