Opening Ceremony Opens Collection with Love

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Opening Ceremony has thrown us back into our years of teen angst and relationships, and to help “open” their Fall 2015 video look book to the public, they gave Malibu High School students the reins to direct it. This short film entitled “All of Us” proves that Opening Ceremony understands that sometimes the simple things end up being the big things.

The leveraging of teens to direct this video ended up reminding us all of young love and everything that comes with it: intimacy, happiness, fighting, learning and, in this case, a very fashionable break-up. And saying that Opening Ceremony’s designs shown are simple, fun, and elegant all at the same time doesn’t sound possible. But of course, they have defied all stereotypes by bringing all of those looks together, plus including all the deep colors that represent fall.

Choosing these young high school students to market this collection has not only “opened” their eyes into the fashion world, but has “opened” up “All of Us” in the fashion world’s understanding of the excitement from the real experiences that teenagers go through with love and relationships. And what better way than to have been created by teens themselves?

Director | H. Marsalis Adriano
Director of Photography | Kevin Mayorga
Writers | Nolan Webster and H. Marsalis Adriano
Producers | Lisa Smith, Rachel Stowell, Dexter Adriano, and Stuart Smith
Costume | Sakura Smith
Makeup and Hair | Frankie Mujic
Props | Kai Adriano and Kono Smith
Gaffer | Raul B Fernandez
Key Grip | Victor Randoloph
Swing Grips | Riley Prichard, Cole Murphy, Kai Schulz, and Bodhi Schulz
Starring | Olivia Cerio and Jack Buckley
Voices | Olivia Cerio and Cole Murphy
Styling |  Sakura Smith
Music | “Edgerly” by Ricky Alba and Cooper Gillespie