Cartier Shows us Time is Money with Their New Film for Panthère de Cartier


Cartier is turning back the hands of time with their new film for the iconic Panthère watch.

The film, directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Australian actress and model Courtney Eaton, gives us a glance of the glitz and glamour “It Girl” lifestyle. The protagonist takes us from the bedroom to the dance floor, with her Panthère de Cartier watch. Her aspirational lifestyle is both enticing and covetous. Although the film is modern, it has an inventive 1980’s take.

In a reach toward the millennial crowd, Cartier and Sofia Coppola have made the watch a requisite. Today’s generation doesn’t necessarily have an extreme watch demand. Many using smartphones or smartwatches to fulfill the need of time keeping.

However with social media, there comes the idea social tribes. Cartier can very much become the new must have. This exclusivity is the definition of what luxury stands for.

Whether it be the past, present, or future, the grandeur of Cartier is infinite.



Director | Sofia Coppola
Actress | Courtney Eaton
Music | “I Feel Love” – Donna Summer