BETC Paris helps Petit Bateau unveil their factory of imagination


As any childrenswear buyer will tell you, they work in one of the most enjoyable arenas in fashion. Festive colors, upbeat salespeople, and a sea of cuteness surround them daily. However, on the marketing front, childrenswear rarely cracks primetime coverage.

This season the makers of Petit Bateau decided to take a stand and represent, partnering with agency BETC Paris and director Patrick Daughters to show their holiday spirit with a minute-long video. The result is an imaginative, kinetic ball factory complete with model trains, dancing stuffed toys, a terrier on a spinning wheel, and a cupcake gun. Santa’s workshop could pick up some tips here. To augment the piece, Herbie Hancock’s Rockit was perfectly put to good use, tying together the mouse-trap like factory that produces holiday giftables.

In the season of gifting one would think childrenswear would create bigger and more magical adverts than most brands. Credit goes for the innovators at Petit Bateau and The Impression hopes this paves the way for others to get their marketing factory churning.

Agency | BETC Paris
Director | Patrick Daughters
Production Team | 75
Executive Creative Director | Rémi Babinet
Creative Director | Jasmine Loignon
Creatives | Damien Bellon & Gabrielle Attia
Head of TV | Fabrice Brovelli
Director of Photograpy | Keith Roach Stephen
Production Company Producer | Yuki Suga
Production Company Post-producer | Anne Ségrettin
VFX | MPC Paris
VFX Creative Director | Franck Lambertz
VFX Executive Producer |  Quentin H. Martin
VFX Producer | Sophie Lebreton
Bangalore Producer | Deepanjali Singh
VFX Team | Paul Briault, Nicolas Bossu, Christophe Duflaut, Eric Lemains, Jaswan Vishnu Prasath, Shalwin Shaiju, Ragesh R, Stalin Balan
Editor | Walter Mauriot
Grading | MPC – Remote Grading
Colourist | Jean-Clément Soret
Colour Grade Producer | Ellora Chowdury
Music | Rockit – Herbie Hancock – Re-recorded by Feadz