Prada Spends the Day at the Cinema in New Eyewear 2017 Short Film


To accompany their new Spring eyewear collection simply entitled “Cinema,” Prada released a short film that serves as a love letter to the magical escapism of going to the movies. The surreal film is directed by Francesco Maria Tiribelli and stars model Giedre Dukauskaite as a lone girl having an almost dreamlike day at a rather extravagant movie theater. The lines between what is reality and what is cinema are blurred in the film that Prada describes as “a playful homage to the cinematic escape and the transformational fantasies of film.”

The film begins with our star getting ready for her day at the movies and donning her Prada sunglasses. We are immediately introduced to the film’s liberal use of quick cuts, rapid editing and tracking shots, which form the directorial style of the film and contribute to its surrealist air. The film also has no dialogue at all, allowing it to communicate solely through imagery and visual aesthetics. We are introduced to Dukauskaite’s odd bag of marbles which play a major role in the film as the currency she uses to buy her concessions and her movie ticket. The marbles are one of several visual metaphors that the film uses, which are left open to the interpretation of the viewer; inspiring the same sense of wonder and intrigue that one gets when escaping into a fascinating new movie.

The movie theater itself is lavishly designed, contributing s to its aesthetic of being a place that one can truly escape into and get lost in. The film features a lot of playing around with color and lighting, which we believe is of creative merit. The surreal escape of the theater is adorned with hallways and curtains of deep crimson red, reminiscent of classic theater curatins. The film also deftly applies the use of thick, syrupy purple hues and a pale blue light that illuminates and forms the background of the screening room itself. In a clever visual trick we are primarily shown the images on the big screen through the reflection in Dukauskaite’s sunglasses. The “film within a film” so to speak also features a few homages to quintessential cinema including a classic Wilhelm scream and other sonic and visual effects.

“Cinema” is a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion films as its not just a showcase for the new eyewear collection it truly comes together beautifully as a work of cinematic art. We love the creativity and visual storytelling used by Prada and Tiribelli and hope to see more daring artistic risks taken by the brand and others that may follow in their footsteps.



Agency | April
Creative Director | Joakim Dahlqvist
Director of Photography | Justin Gunari
Director | Francesco Maria Tiribelli
Model | Giedre Dukauskaite
Executive Producer | Alessandro Farinella