Pringle of Scotland Fall 2017 Ad Campaign

For their second pairing, Scottish photographer Harley Weir and creative director, Christopher Simmonds of Simmonds Ltd, took to the highlands of Loch Glascarnoch and Loch Droma to accentuate the Scotland in Pringle of Scotland. Stylist Francesca Burns worked with models Lorna Foran, Mia Brammer, and Niklas B. to brave falling waters and rocky terrain.

There is a great more than Scotland to the campaign as Simmonds also accentuated the house’s noble heritage and craftsmanship by layered in the firms crest followed by fine copy reading “By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen.” The Impression admires a house that stands by their heritage. And of course the Queen.

Agency | Simmonds ltd
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds 
Photographer | Harley Weir
Models | Lorna Foran, Mia Brammer, Niklas B
Stylist | Francesca Burns 
Hair | Gary Gill 
Makeup | Nami Yoshida
Production | Art Partner
Locations | Loch Glascarnoch and Loch Droma