Quiksilver brings a whole new meaning to ‘Wetsuit’

By Danielle D’Onofrio | Impressionist

Talk about business casual! Quiksilver Japan has created the “True Wetsuit,” a wetsuit that is designed to look like an actual business suit, and together with digital agency TBWA/Hakuhodo, has created a kowabunga of a video to show it off.

The video begins with a man dressed in his business suit driving, we assume, on his way to the office. But the waves are calling him! He drives to the beach and runs into the sea with his surfboard, all without changing from his suit. As he catches the waves, he casually pushes the button on his pen which automatically sends texts to his boss reading “Stuck in traffic”. The video closes with the man at work, looking professional in his suit, as if nothing ever happened.

With a combination of jersey neoprene and “dryflight” fabric, this wetsuit is fully functioning from office to ocean. The suits are available in three options: navy, black and tuxedo for a price tag of $2500 as well as shirt, pants and jacket separates. Quiksilver Japan created corresponding accessories, because what true suit would be complete without a tie? And just in case inspiration strikes while on board, not to worry, Quiksilver Japan even created a waterproof diary and pen.

As others join, The Impression imagines this will bring a whole new meaning to ‘Board Meeting.”

Agency | TBWA/Hakuhodo