By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

At one point in our lives we all shared a common feeling. We all at one time felt invincible. We all at one time felt exuberant. And we all at one time had the flexibility and strength to enjoy the simplest of pleasures . . . a somersault.

When you think about it, a somersault can create a sense of euphoria like no other. Your head is slightly disoriented, your stomach turned around and there is a sense of excitement mixed with the enjoyment of tricking your body via gravity. A somersault is uplifting, dynamic, and freeing. For the past several seasons, the design duo of Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have given fashion the gift of a somersault. Rather than present the standard runway fare, the team has spun the fashion system around with their fashion ‘events,’ blending live audience, displays, images, music and, ultimately, a somersault of a video.

This season the duo collaborated with Georgie Greville of Legs Media, who previously directed their ground breaking ‘Kinetic Conceptual’ film staring dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lil Buckbuck. Greville once again defied gravity and space by mixing models in an urban setting with practitioners of parkour, a thrill-seeking form of military free running. The result is nothing short of a visual somersault and one that expresses the designers’ vision in a way that morphs the form vs function conversation into a literal art form. A somersault of an idea indeed.

15 sec clip of the film:



Photos | Drew Jarrett