Rag & Bone Puts the Pedal to the Metal in Latest Fashion Film, “The Driver”
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By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

After teasing out a two minute trailer, Rag & Bone has released their full spring campaign film, “The Driver”, blending narrative with style and elevating the field of fashion film.

The piece stars main character and face of menswear Michael Pitt, whom you may know from “Boardwalk Empire” and NBC’s “Hannibal”. The film co-stars British actor Stephen Graham and face of womenswear, Franco-Spanish actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey, all directed by the very talented Michael Pitt himself, and produced by Arrow Kruse of All Day Everyday. Marking Pitt’s directorial debut, the film was shot in mob-cultured New York, with a dramatic and enticing opening narrative, an action-packed middle and a final closing monologue, giving off a sort of cliffhanger appeal, all in an attention-grabbing 18 minutes. In most fashion films, there is no beginning, middle or end, merely a wave of a handbag and a few twirls. This fashion film not only boasts great depth but leaves us asking when the feature film is coming out.

“As a brand, we love to explore engaging mediums of showcasing our collections and this season we wanted to try a different approach with a film-led campaign. We thought it would be cool to have a narrative of sorts for the first time,” says designer Marcus Wainwright.

Besides being Pitt’s directorial debut, the actor and musician also created the accompanying original score. The film is an impressive first directorial debut from the accomplished actor and one we hope he leverages to continue into new work. And likewise from the designer duo who managed to not only showcase their collections, but to bring the line into cinema in a unique way.

“Fashion films are evolving and embracing narrative. The brands leading the way are able to reach new customers by focusing on the overall experience over a product-is-hero approach. The Rag & Bone campaign is a great example of how lifestyle and product incorporated subtly into a story can create desire or brand identification with an audience.” – Arrow Kruse, Executive Producer, Partner at All Day Everyday

That brand identification indeed packs quite a punch (more literally at the end of the film), and the combining of Rag & Bone’s menswear and womenswear for the film’s thriller, film noir vibe was fitting.

“We have never explored shooting our menswear and womenswear campaign together before and it definitely added a new dimension. Michael and Astrid also have great chemistry which really translates,” adds designer David Neville.

What translated for us was the idea that Rag & Bone could help launch a directorial career and provide a compelling cinematic extension for their design house. The Impression understands that film indeed may be “The Driver”.

[intense_hr size=”large” accent_width=”30″ accent_height=”3″] Director | Michael Pitt
Actors | Michael Pitt, Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Stephen Graham
Producer | Arrow Kruse, All Day Everyday
Line Producer | Alex Orlovsky
Director of Photography | Jack Webb
Stylist | Laura Morgan
Hair | Duffy
Makeup | Gucci Westman