RAG & BONE continues into it’s film foray via a film short in partnership with Google 

rag & bone takes on a virtual reality, involving themselves with the newest interactive headset that will take you into a whole other world. Teamed up with Google, the two have coincided to create a six-minute VR documentary to be watched on the Daydream View, that will be available to watch on the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s YouTube channel. The short documentary, produced by VR Company Two Bit Circus, gives a behind the scenes look at the rag & bone show before and during New York Fashion Week last September.

You can watch it a million times and watch a million different films. Even if you set out to achieve something, depending on where the watcher is looking, you can see something completely different. I didn’t think about that at the beginning, but once I saw it, I realized it won’t be the same for anybody, really.

- CEO, Marcus Wainwright

Although the show is available to all YouTube users as a 360-degree video, Google is hoping that viewers will try watching with its new headset. This allows rag & bone to create brand imagery, giving people access to what their brand stands for and what their version of cool is.

This collaboration with Google gives rag & bone the opportunity to venture into the modern world of technology, encouraging a new take on virtual reality among fashion fans.


Two Bit Circus, Inc.
Director | Jessie Hill
Executive Producers | Nancy Bennett & Jay Spangler
Head of Production | Tyler Heon
Lead Engineer | Aaron Thomen
Production Supervisor | Dana Palomni
Development Coordinator | Jake Sally
Director of New Business & Strategic Partnerships | Sam White
Office Coordinator | Jacqueline Fernandez
Office Production Assistant | Dustin Treinen
Line Producer | Matt Day
VR Director of Photography | Nathan Beaman
VR Camera Operator / Technician | Jim Geduldick
VR Camera Operator | Smokey Nelson
Sound Mixer | Josh Isaac
Set Production Assistant | Tyler Killer
Post Production Supervisor | Janie Oliver
Editor | Chip Eddy
Lead Assistant Editor | Andrew Hernandez
Colorist | Rusty Dunn
Music | Noah Lifschey
Data Transfer Services | EPS/Cineworks

rag & bone
CEO, Founder, & Creative Director | Marcus Wainwright
Stylist | Karen Langley
Casting Director | Ashley Brokaw
Original Soundtrack | Thom Yorke
Sound Mixing & Editing | Kris Bones
Executive Producer | Prodject
Hair | Orlando Pita
Makeup | Tom Pecheux
Kinetic Sculptures & Visual Programming | TEM Studio