Haley Bennett in rag & bone’s Spring 2017 Ad Campaign


In a move that stays true to the brand’s unorthodox attitude towards fashion and marketing, rag & bone eschews the typical biannual ad campaign structure and instead releases a new installment of their Women’s Photo Project series. The latest edition of the series stars actress Haley Bennett cycling through an assortment of styles from a sleek black dress to a cool t-shirt and jeans showcasing the sheer variety of looks that the brand offers.

The Women’s Photo Project series by rag & bone began last year with six girls collectively referred to as “muses” by the brand. This seventh edition starring Haley Bennett is the first of 2017 and effectively shows us that rag & bone will continue their unique approach to fashion marketing into this new year and beyond.

Like the previous entries in the series the images for this edition are lensed by Glen Luchford who brings a bold, sharp and raw eye to the project. The still shots are smooth and luxurious while also maintaining the rough, edgy aesthetic that rag & bone is known for. This balance between the opulent, the casual and the gritty has long been a winning combination for the brand and it succeeds wonderfully here.

The images are accompanied by a brief video that uses still images and cut-up editing to create something that works as an extension to the Photo Project series theme. The editing creates a visual that shows Bennett dancing and moshing around to the beat of an edgy hard rock song while cycling through and showing off a variety of outfits. The video ties the project together very nicely and we can’t wait to see what rag & bone have in store for future installments of their on going Photo Project series.

Photographer | Glen Luchford
Model | Haley Bennett
Stylist | Melanie Ward
Hair | Duffy
Makeup | Yadin
Choreographer | Stephen Galloway