RAG & BONE and Creative Director PETER MILES forgo traditional biannual advertising campaigns with their 2016 Women’s Photo Project


Anyone who knows of rag & bone knows that the brand has an undeniably edgy and carefree aesthetic. The brand, with its New York City roots, is known for its ability to mix things up and redefine urban style. In another effort to change things up and wander from the norm, Rag & Bone chose to forgo the typical biannual advertising campaigns usually used in fashion and instead opt for something new this year.

This “something new” is the brand’s ongoing 2016 Women’s Photo Project. The project strays from the expected biannual fashion ad campaigns often used in the industry and instead releases campaign photographs and videos throughout the year as a series. The campaign, shot by photographer Glen Luchford, with art direction by Peter Miles, features six different women who all represent the diversity and aesthetic of the brand in their own ways. The five women featured so far, referred to by the brand as “muses”, are Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Camille Rowe, Binx Walton and Malgosia Bela. As many know, rag & bone, founded in 2002, did not release an advertising campaign of any sort until years later in Fall 2012. The company, still fairly new to the world of advertising campaigns, certainly does things their own way, waiting years to release a campaign at all, and then disregarding the typical biannual campaigns this year, opting for something completely unique.

Nothing about rag &bone is exactly traditional so it is no real surprise that their advertising strategies and campaigns aren’t either. For instance, the videos with the series have no audio. The brand, always one to mix things up, certainly knows how to keep all eyes on them. The photo project is not something that is easily forgettable either. Everything from how the muses perfectly embody the brand’s edginess and carefreeness to the striking and unusual backdrops of cars, planes, boxing studios, fences, and furniture work to create a stunning photo series that is quite unforgettable. The Women’s Photo Project is innovative and refreshing, as it is such a unique change from what most brands do.

In the fast paced fashion industry, rag & bone knows how to mix things up and redefine fashion. Their Women’s Photo Project is creative, beautiful, and ultimately fiscally responsible. It is in no way traditional but nothing about rag & bone really is. Whether or not you like or dislike the brand’s new campaign strategy, we have to admire the creativity on the brand’s behalf.


Art Direction | Peter Miles
Photographer | Glen Luchford
Models | Abbey Lee Kershaw, Binx Walton, Camille Rowe, Freja Beha Erichsen and Malgosia Bela