Ralph Lauren High Tech Window Displays at Polo Sport

By Taylor Recchia | Impressionist

Ralph Lauren is at it again with his use of advanced technology and holographic visuals to create something spectacular, similar to his Spring 2015 Women’s New York Fashion Week 4D-holographic show. With the release of his new Polo Sport line, Ralph Lauren celebrates by launching their first holographic and interactive window display for its Fifth Avenue Polo Ralph Lauren flagship boutique.

The display is in line with the debut of the brand’s new PoloTech smart shirt and will combine five different vignettes that represent Polo Sport’s core qualities of strength, speed, movement and style. “Ralph Lauren has been on the cutting edge of fashion and technology for over a decade and continues to reimagine shopping using unparalleled technology that transcends retail,” says Ralph Lauren’s VP of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communications, David Lauren.

Through the use of motion-sensing infrared cameras, the display will be able to replicate the movement of any passerby. “They’re like ghosts,” said Lauren. “The art of the hologram is incredibly complex. Doing it in a window in broad daylight is unprecedented.” And for those of you who are the more “hands on” type, there will also be interactive touch screen elements involved.

Ralph continues to amaze us, not only through his designs, but through his ability to combine fashion and advanced technology in yet another incredible way.




Polo Ralph Lauren's Holographic Windows the impression-1 Polo Ralph Lauren's Holographic Windows the impression-2 Polo Ralph Lauren's Holographic Windows the impression-3