Fashion’s Own, RICHARD PHIBBS brings dignity to shelter dogs in new RESCUE ME book in partnership with The Humane Society of New York


Fashion photographer Richard Phibbs, proves that his talent has no limits with featured photos of furry friends in his new book titled, Rescue Me. Phibbs volunteered his time to partner up with the Humane Society of New York in an effort to use his gifts for good, hoping to find every animal a home.

Phibbs’ has been a huge success in the fashion industry, creating ad campaigns for Polo Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Banana Republic, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, and Nina Ricci.

The photos within Rescue Me are noted as the best of the best that he has taken for the Humane Society. Each photograph tells a different story, capturing the essence of each animal’s unique personality. Next to each of Phibbs’ photographs is a description by Richard Jonas sharing the stories of abuse or abandonment that each of them has endured and the ultimate happy ending.


Phibbs took a moment to answer some of The Impression’s questions on this project:

How long have you been working with the Humane Society?
I have been working with the Humane Society of New York for the past four years. My intention was not to create a book but to simply take dignified portraits of the beautiful animals that have ended up at the Humane Society. Most have been through unimaginable suffering, but if they make it to the Humane Society of New York we know they will end up in a loving forever home. The pictures have proven to be very successful… The traffic at the shelter has increased and dogs get homes more quickly. I was approached by the publisher aperture to publish a book and we celebrate this book tomorrow at the aperture gallery in New York City…

How did you get involved with them?
I knew of the great work that was done at the Humane Society of New York… every few years they do a silent auction with photographers from the city… that is how we met ….
My job has given me the gift of travel, but in my travel throughout the world my heart feels heavy when I see all of the suffering of so many animals. By volunteering at the Humane Society of New York I have discovered there are ways to help.



My hope is that this little book does some big things. Yes we are bringing attention to the value of shelter animals, but the bigger message is  that we humans should value all living beings…

- Richard Phibbs


In addition to volunteering his talents, Phibbs also volunteered his heart, when he adopted his own rescue buddy, Finn.