Rimmel and Cara Delevingne’s Volume Shake Mascara Music Video


For their Spring 2017 campaign Rimmel dishes out something delightfully fresh but distinctly London as they stay true to their brand while also giving us something new and exciting. This comes in the form of a full on music video for their Volume Shake mascara featuring two of London’s brightest young talents, the beloved model and actress Cara Delevingne and up and coming rapper Nadia Rose.

The video is sound-tracked by Nadia Rose’s breakout hit single “Skwod” as she channels the cool, confident swagger of a hip hop queen reminiscent of icons like Missy Elliott. The song perfectly fits the video which showcases Delevingne fearlessly leading a true squad of diverse talent while she shakes her mascara to the bumping rhythms of Rose’s track.

The aesthetic of the video is unmistakably and uniquely London, but it is also something totally new and interesting for the brand and in the world of cosmetics as a whole. It is really wonderful to see Rimmel take a risk like this with their new campaign and it pays off beautifully.

Music videos are still a dominant way to communicate looks and aesthetics and we see this video as smart marketing by the brand. What is truly brilliant about this campaign is its ability to translate across multiple platforms including social media, print and television. A music video is the perfect format to go viral on social media, clips of the ad could seamlessly be used for television and still shots work flawlessly in print form. We love this move by Rimmel and hope to see more creative fresh takes like this in the future. 





Model | Cara Delevingne
Entertainer | Nadia Rose